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2001, 2020

Walbro fuel pumps, lower prices for 2020!

By |January 20th, 2020|Offer|Comments Off on Walbro fuel pumps, lower prices for 2020!

All in tank 255lph Walbro fuel pumps now at 105 euro Incl.TAX MSRP and only +10 euro for filter and wire.

In line 255lph pumps 150 euro inc.TAX MSRP and only +10 euro for push on fittings 8mm or 10mm.

1601, 2020

FT450 EFI SYSTEM – New Arrival in offer until end of February!

By |January 16th, 2020|Offer|Comments Off on FT450 EFI SYSTEM – New Arrival in offer until end of February!

FT450 w/ 10ft unterminated harness MSRP 1245 euro incl. TAX . GET 8% extra discount for the in stock ones and 5% for the pre-orders with 2 weeks delivery time. Wiring connection for


4 cylinder engines • 1-3-4-2: majority of engines, VW AP, VW Golf, Chevrolet, Ford, Fiat, Honda, etc.; • 1-3-2-4: Subaru; • 1-4-3-2: air-cooled VW; • 1-2-4-3: Motorcycles (majority) 5 cylinder engines • 1-2-4-5-3: Audi 5 cylinders, Fiat Marea 20V and VW Jetta 2.5; 6 cylinder engines: • 1-5-3-6-2-4: GM in line (Opala and Omega), VW VR6 and BMW in line; • 1-6-5-4-3-2: GM V6 (S10/Blazer 4.3); • 1-4-2-5-3-6: Ford Ranger V6; 8 cylinder engines: • 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2: Chevrolet V8 (majority); • 1-8-7-2-6-2-4-3: Chevrolet LS • 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8: Ford 272, 292, 302, 355, 390, 429, 460; • 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8: Ford 351, 400 and Porsche 928; • 1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2: Mercedes-Benz;



•   Otto cycle engine control for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 cylinders
•   Wankel engine control (rotary) for 2 rotors
•   Full sequential ignition control, semi-sequential and multipoint control
•   Ignition control through trigger wheel or distributor
•   Full sequential ignition or wasted spark
•   Closed loop injection through oxygen sensor (wide band lambda sensor)1
•   AMP SUPERSEAL automotive connectors
•   Ignition timing and actuator based Idle control (PWM valve)
•   Real-time adjustable maps on the screen and on the FTManager software (including internet remote tuning)
•   Waterproof sealed case made from polished ABS


•   Differential input for RPM signal
•   Cam sync input (including multi-teeth cam sync triggers)
•   7 input channels fully customizable – digital and analog (temperature, pressure, speed and position sensors, TPS, external MAP, buttons, keys, etc.)
• Adjustable sensor reading scale
•   Internal MAP sensor of 7 bar (1 bar vacuum and 6 bar positive pressure)
•   1 USB port for computer and FuelTech software connection
• FuelTech equipment: WB-O2 Nano, EGT-8 CAN, FTSPARK and SwitchPanel-8
• Third party equipment: Racepak IQ3, VNET, etc)
• OEM CAN partial compatibility with: C6 Corvette, C7 Corvette, 5th gen Camaro, 2009 CTS-V Cadillac


• Total of 10 general-purpose outputs: (all of which can be used for general accessories as fuel pump, thermatic fans, valves or injectors for BoostController, solenoids, etc.)
• 6 open collector outputs: recommended for high impedance injectors (up to 4 injectors per output) – it is possible to set up to 10 outputs using external FuelTech Peak and Hold driver
• 5 open collector outputs with a 5V current source: recommended for ignition control


•   Screen dashboard which displays different sizes and styles to be used with any existing equipment or sensor
•   Dashboard can have up to 4 screens with navigation through the screen or an external button
•   4 Virtual LEDs with combined activations for up to 3 conditions
•   Diagnostic panel with real-time information of all inputs, outputs, CAN, Status Events and engine diagnostics
•   Customizable splash screen allows the user to select the image shown on the FT450 start up screen


•   Full sequential injection for up to 10 outputs
•   Closed loop fuel control through O2 sensor (wide band sensor) 1
•   2 injection banks (Bank A and bank B)
•   Primary map though MAP, TPS or RPM
•   Advanced 3D primary map with up to 32×32 cells (completely adjustable map index and size)
•   Simplified 2D map with up to 1×32 cells by MAP or TPS and RPM compensation of up to 1×32 cells (completely adjustable map index and size)
•   Injection time resolution of 0,001ms
•   Acceleration fuel enrichment and decay adjustment
•   Individual cylinder trim setting by MAP or RPM
•   Injector compensation through:
• Engine temperature
• Air temperature
• Battery tension (individual per bank)
• TPS or MAP

•   Starting engine map with the engine temperature
•   Prime pulse table
•   Post start enrichment
•   Gear based fuel compensation
•   Gear shift fuel compensation
•   Fuel injection angle table
•   Injectors deadtime compensation by battery voltage
1 An external wide band lambda sensor conditioner is required – FuelTech WB-O2 Nano, Alcohol-O2, WBO2 Datalogger, etc.)


•   Sequential ignition for up to 5 cylinders
•   Main map by MAP, TPS or RPM
•   Advanced 3D primary map with up to 32×32 cells (completely adjustable map index and size)
•   Simplified 2D map with up to 1×32 cells per MAP or TPS and RPM compensation of up to 1×32 cells (completely adjustable map index and size)
•   Injection angle resolution of 0,01°
•   Individual cylinder injection settings
•   Ignition timing compensation by air temperature
•   Ignition timing compensation by engine temperature
•   Gear based timing compensation
•   Gear shift timing compensation


•   Multiple session recording (files) logs up to 256 channels
•   Simplified mode with sample rate of 25, 50, 100 or 200Hz
•   Advanced mode allows individual settings for the sample rate with 1, 5, 25, 50, 100 or 200Hz
•   Automatic activation by RPM, through the screen or by external button
•   Data storage for up to 2h50min (24 channels at 25Hz)
•   FTManager Datalogger Software for viewing and comparing logs


•   Burnout mode, 2-step, 3-step (including Roll Start)
•   2-step activation by speed, boost, MAP or clutch position
•   Line lock brake output
•   Brake pressure control by line lock
•   Ignition timing map for drag Racing features
•   Time based RPM limiter by timing retard or ignition cut
•   Time based wheel speed or driveshaft RPM control with timing retard or ignition cut
•   Time-based ignition timing compensation
•   Time-based fuel compensation
•     Pro-Nitrous setting for up to 6 stages, with activation control, fuel enrichment and ignition timing maps
•   Gear shift output
•   Time based output
•   Staging control
•   Wheelie Control


•   Total and trip hour meter
•   Total and trip odometer
•   High and low beam
•   Right and left turn signals
•   Pit Limit / Speed Limit
•   START/STOP button


•    Integrated BoostController: wastegate valve pressure control
•   Idle speed control by timing and/or PWM valve
•   Deceleration fuel cutoff
•   Control of up to two thermatic fans activated by engine temperature and by the A/C, one of the outputs can drive a solid state using PWM control for soft starting the fans
•   Air conditioning control
•   Fuel pump control – with 6s prime
•   Variable Valve Timing (VTEC) control
•   Progressive nitrous control with fuel enrichment and timing retard
•   Generic duty cycle – PWM control
•   Boost activated output
•   RPM activated output
•   Different options for gear detection: RPM drop, analogic sensor, pulse, speed and gear ratio or by gear shift output
•   Start button. Allows to start and shut down the engine via a relay connected to an output switching the starter
•   Cold start with external reservoir
•    Active traction control keeps wheel slip on ideal levels for maximum traction, thus adapting the available traction conditions as it seeks to maintain the programmed wheel speed difference by reading traction wheel and reference wheel speed difference
•    Hi-resolution engine power control method for RPM limiter. Controls timing on each cylinder and considerably reduces the turbo spool time in a transbrake/2-step rev limiter, keeps cylinders and spark plugs in conditions of maximum efficiency (they never get wet because they always fire), allow to lower the RPM limiter for launch or to make more boost at the same RPM and smoothens the 2-step limiter operation for less vibration
•   Pit Limit / Speed Limit
•    Generic outputs allow to configure up to 8 outputs by associating an input and setting up the way the output will be activated


Default sensors make the configuration easier:
•   Oil pressure
•   Fuel pressure
•   External MAP sensor (GM 1 bar, GM 1.05 bar, GM 2 bar, GM 3 bar, GM 3.05 bar)
•   Nitrous bottle pressure
•   Clutch pressure
•   Wastegate pressure
•   Brake pressure
•   Back pressure
•   Pan Vacuum
•   Transmission pressure
•   Torque converter pressure
•   Engine coolant pressure
•   Air temperature
•   Engine temperature
•   Exhaust gas temperature (EGT)
•   Transmission temperature
•   Intercooler temperature
•   Tire temperature
•   Track temperature
•   Clutch position
•   Shock position
•   Wheel speed
•   Turbocharger speed (up to 2)
•   Driveshaft RPM
•   Input shaft RPM
•   Ride height sensor
•   Pitch rate sensor
•   Flex Fuel sensor


•   RPM limiter by fuel or ignition cut
•   Shift light with sound and dashboard alert and/or external shift light
•   Configurable safe mode options (RPM limit or engine shutoff):
• High or low exhaust gas temperature (EGT), O2 closed loop limit, over boost, over rev, engine temperature, duty cycle, oil pressure, fuel pressure and differential fuel pressure


FTManager has several tools and features:
•   Real-time map edition
•   Edition of the indexes of map tables
•   Save and read saved maps on the PC
•   Open maps from log files
•   Display fuel maps in ms, %VE, %DC and lb/h
•   Easy edition of time-based controls, organizing all in one screen and making it possible to use a log file as reference
•   ProNitrous edition aided by the stage chart
•   Allows converting maps of previous ECUs (FT200, FT250, FT300, FT350 and FT400)
•   Allows importing of some specific tables from other maps
•   ECU software upgrades
•   Splash screen customization
•   Engine operation in real time analysis through gauges and graphics with full screen option
•   Check alert and status messages
•   Test time-based features
•   Edit channels of the internal datalogger and their individual logging rates
•   Switch between basic (2D) or advanced (3D) maps
•   Edit the odometer and hourmeter
•   Reset the ECU to factory default
•   Recalibrate the touchscreen
•   View all devices connected to the CAN network
•   Receive warnings about new updates
•   Internet Remote Tuning allows connecting to another FTManager over the internet, for giving or receiving remote support

•   Download and analyze log files from PowerFT ECUs
•   Log files comparison
•   Mathematical channels
•   Data export to CSV file
•   Overlay functions easily show which cell the engine was running on for better data analysis:
• Fuel tables overlay
• Ignition tables overlay
• Closed loop corrections: allows the user to see and apply all the corrections applied by the O2 closed loop on a log file
•   Select between light or dark background for better data visualization
•   Select if you want to show channels names and values on the chart or only in the preview panel
•   Full timeline visualization
•   Set log zero time (tell the log time where the car launched)
•   Erase your ECU datalogger memory
•   Trim feature for log files – make then smaller and have only the information you need
FuelTech Datalog App:
• Open your log files on your phone’s screen (up to 4 channels at the same time) – (Android and iOS)


•   Display brightness adjustment
•   LED lights brightness adjustment
•   Night and day mode selection by external switch and through the menu
•   Buzzer intensity adjustment for the interface and sound alerts
•   Memory for saving up to 5 different maps (possibility of map selection by external button)
•   ECU and Map protection password, with individual full ECU or map password only, including map lock-up function that allows the current map to be saved and run exclusively on the actual ECU (ensured by serial code). Maintenance password protects the edition of the total hour meter and total odometer.
•   PC communication through mini USB cable
•   Operation temperature: from -4 F to +158 F
•   Maximum power supply voltage: 20V



1601, 2020

Nissan 350Z Twin Turbo 900HP!

By |January 16th, 2020|News|Comments Off on Nissan 350Z Twin Turbo 900HP!

Thanks to Zaxariou workshop and Mr.Nomikos for their support. Wish them good luck!

Nissan 350Z VQ35DE:

Boosted 5455 by Aeroflow 2x turbochargers

DBA rotors/Hawk pads

Tial Blow Off Valves

Energie Racing intercooler / Piping / Hoses

Turbosmart Gen V 45mm Wastegates

201, 2020

Stand E350 – Meet us there

By |January 2nd, 2020|News|Comments Off on Stand E350 – Meet us there

We will attend Autosport show 9-10 January 2020 on Engineering side, Hall 3A, stand E350 with the latest news and samples of our products. We will also introduce the NEW Boosted turbochargers by Aeroflow and latest iboost device with the new mods.

3012, 2019

Oil Cooler kit for Mini Cooper R55-R61 2006-2013

By |December 30th, 2019|News|Comments Off on Oil Cooler kit for Mini Cooper R55-R61 2006-2013

All new oil cooler kit for Mini R55 to R56 2006-2013 MSRP incl TAX 305 euro.

Kit includeds:

-Oil cooler 16rows with 2x 10AN fittings

-2m 10AN naylon or SS line

-2x 10AN 90 degr elbow hose end in any colour

-2x 10AN straight hose end in any colour

-Oil cooler adapter with 10AN fittings

*No mounting is included.

711, 2019

PWM Cologne Show 13-15 Nov Stand 6076

By |November 7th, 2019|News|Comments Off on PWM Cologne Show 13-15 Nov Stand 6076

Come and visit us. We will be happy to see you. Our booth No. is 6076.

2909, 2019

Oaka Motor Festival 2019

By |September 29th, 2019|News|Comments Off on Oaka Motor Festival 2019

We will attend the Motor Festival 2019 in OAKA stadium. The famous Supra street legal 1450+HP with 8.3sec record in 1/4 mile we will be there with us. Don’t miss it!

2509, 2019

Aeroflow Performance Boosted turbochargers

By |September 25th, 2019|News|Comments Off on Aeroflow Performance Boosted turbochargers

Aeroflow Performance Boosted turbochargers are designed specifically for the enthusiast who wants optimal performance at a competitive price. Boosted Turbochargers have a range of specific turbos to meet your power goals, driving style and budget. Boosted turbocharger’s utilise billet compressor wheels and feature the latest aerodynamic design that maximises horsepower and boost response throughout the rev range. The turbine wheel is constructed from Inconel, a Super Alloy that maintains strength during prolonged exposure to extremely high exhaust gas temperatures. Boosted Turbocharger’s are available in 360° journal bearing, dual and triple ceramic ball bearing cartridges designed to prolong the turbo lifespan and improve shaft balance. Boosted Turbocharger’s are also available in oil/water or oil cooled versions to help keep temperatures to a minimum. The boosted range of turbos are available with a ported shroud compressor cover housing which increases surge resistance and provides reliable, continuous power throughout the engine’s RPM. Boosted turbochargers are available for a direct bolt-on for some Ford’s and Nissan’s with further models in development. Boosted turbos are available in natural aluminium or high temp black compressor cover options.

Huge range of Turbochargers from 200 to 1600 horsepower…………NOW IN STOCK!

1409, 2019

6.5” SINCO TECH Multi-Funtion Race DashBoard Full Sensor Kit Digital LCD Race Dash Display (908)

By |September 14th, 2019|News|Comments Off on 6.5” SINCO TECH Multi-Funtion Race DashBoard Full Sensor Kit Digital LCD Race Dash Display (908)

New Multi-Funtion Race DashBoard with Full Sensor Kit and Digital LCD Race Dash Display. Waterproof, internal GPS, All in one race fuctions. MSRP 490 euro incl. TAX




1209, 2019

New Product Release – Race Oil Pans EVO IV-IX, Subaru EJ20/25

By |September 12th, 2019|News|Comments Off on New Product Release – Race Oil Pans EVO IV-IX, Subaru EJ20/25

Fabricated Race Oil Pan suit Mitsubishi Evo IV-IX

The Aeroflow Performance Mitsubishi EVO 4 to 9 fabricated extra capacity race oil pan is designed to keep oil where it needs to be even in the most severe racing scenarios. Front kick out area allows for more oil capacity of 6.1 litres while adding extra clearance for factory and aftermarket downpipes.  The turbo drain has been upgraded to a -10ORB to remove the OE factory plate and allows custom plumbing applications. This oil pan comes with a custom oil pickup to suit as well as a crank scraper, baffle and all necessary mounting hardware. The oil pickup and baffle with crank scraper also sold separately.

Part Numbers:
Race Oil Pan Kit…………AF82-2018
Oil Pickup…………………..AF82-2025
Baffle Insert………………..AF82-8026

Fabricated Race Oil Pan suit Subaru WRX EJ20/25

The Aeroflow Performance Subaru EJ20/EJ25 oil pan is designed to reliably meet the demands of high performance Subaru Engines used on street or track applications. With an increase of over 30% in oil capacity from the OEM to now hold 5.75 litres of oil. This oil pan features 1 x female -10 ORB fitting, 1 x M20 x 1.5mm which will allow the OEM drain plug to be reused ( magnetic drain plug included ) and 1 x 1/8” NPT sensor port. This oil pan is designed to work with the Aeroflow Performance hi flow oil pick up which is included in this kit. This pick up is designed off the standard OE pick up with added bracing and a spacer kit to lower the pickup point of the oil with the deeper oil pan. This kit comes with a new baffle, oil pick-up with extension and necessary mounting hardware. The oil pickup and baffle with crank scraper also sold separately.

Part Numbers:
Race Oil Pan Kit…………………..AF82-2019
Oil Pickup…………………………….AF82-2027
Baffle & Crank Scraper………..AF82-2028