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1511, 2017

VW AUDI 2.0T 2006+ Upgrade Cam Follower Roller Kit!

By |November 15th, 2017|Offer|Comments Off on VW AUDI 2.0T 2006+ Upgrade Cam Follower Roller Kit!

Now available in Energie Racing Parts the upgraded bigger cam follower roller kit for all projects over 600hp at special price of 310 euro including taxes.

Roller kit is the ideal solution to eliminate the cam follower which is common to fail and break resulting in a damaged fuel pump, lobe on the camshaft and potentially the engine, more so with those running an uprated fuel pump.

Included in this kit:
Genuine VW Roller
Genuine Fuel Pump Seal
Billet Roller Adapter
*Fuel Pump Spring, Case Gasket available upon request with extra charge

To fit our roller kit you must either drill your oem case or you can send it over to us and we can do the work for extra 45 euro.

Be aware, damaged cases wont be acceptable. We have a core charge for a used one if available at 200 euro or a new case at 350 euro.


1809, 2017

Nissan 350Z N/A won HTTChallenge 1st round

By |September 18th, 2017|News|Comments Off on Nissan 350Z N/A won HTTChallenge 1st round

Nissan 350Z N/A 330hp wont 1st place in HTTC 1st round.

Thanks to PB Motorsports, Link ECU by MAD and HTTC for the race.

Hoosier tires, HSD suspension, whiteline essential kit, KAAZ differential, NRG tuning package, Hawk/DBA brake kit.

1809, 2017

Dodson products available! 5% OFF pre-orders – FREE International shipping!

By |September 18th, 2017|Offer|Comments Off on Dodson products available! 5% OFF pre-orders – FREE International shipping!


5% discount in all items we dont have in stock!

Free International shipping IF you need the item directly from New Zealand to your door. Import fees for each country varies.

5% discount will apply in all dropshipments fron New Zealand to the receiver.

2105, 2017

Nissan 350Z N/A Tuning Package

By |May 21st, 2017|Offer|Comments Off on Nissan 350Z N/A Tuning Package

We have read many articles and upgrades for the Nissan 350Z VQ35DE and as we have bought this car for drift and circuit races, started to test several of them to see what was true.

1st test Injen Air intake kit (says +7hp to 10hp), couldn’t see a big difference but feeling in low RPM was better for sure.

2nd test was adding with the Injen intake DC sports manifolds (+5hp to 7hp), just almost the same feeling something at high RPM.

3rd test, Injen, DC sports, PowerUp cat-back exhaust system catless 3” single exhaust, was just slithly better.

4th upgrade, we added extra intake manifold BIGGEST spacer from BLOX (claiming 5-10hp), again a bit better.

5th upgrade, NWP throttle body 75mm with convertion harness (claiming +10 to 15hp). Well the feeling was much better in middle RPM.

Calculating all those upgrades we should had a 350Z with at least exta 30hp extra from stock, Nissan claims that this engine making 287hp. Well, we gone to the dyno and we saw only 300hp with all those mods. Of course everything needs a remap to work properly, so had to tune it adding a Link G4+ ECU and yeah, we saw 313hp right away. Of course we realise that Injen was too small, so we remove Injen intake and tried some of our hoses and aluminum pipes to give more air with more speed into the engine. After many tries we found the best pipe length ad size to get as much horsepower and torque we could. Result was that we need more fuel as we saw 333hp but A/F gone to 14.5:1 so we tune the engine safely at 12:1 A/F and we could reach 42.5 torque and 333hp. The big difference tuning the car wasn’t the HP that much but we could see much more torque, making the car to accelerate much faster.

Final step was to fit this perfect air intake into the engine without beeing too low in case of water going into the filter or too much dirt. So we pass a big but tight air filter so it could get enough cold air and to keep it cool, we wrap with our own reflect gold tape the pipe and use a small shield to the radiator.

As you know 350z has a 3.54 final gear and if you want to make it faster without throw the final speed too much or making the car gears too short, you can take our 3.91 final drive to see the car in full potential.

Don’t bother trying to get fake horsepower and torque adding extra parts, get the entire true NA package for 3.000 euro without needing any ECU reflash or other tuning modes. Add safe power keeping stock RPM, fuel efficiency for lifetime.

Kit includes:

-DC sports Headers, Race Y-pipe and Single or Dual tip cat back sytem by NRG

-NWP Throttle body 75mm with NRG custom Air intake with reflect gold or silver tape (radiator shield included)

-Blox Intake manifold spacer

-Siemens Deka 380cc injectors

-Nissan 3.91 ring and pinion

350z NA 333hp


2105, 2017

Ramair Air Intakes Available for wholesales

By |May 21st, 2017|News|Comments Off on Ramair Air Intakes Available for wholesales

Ramair air filters in all sizes for applications 100 to 1000hp. Cold air intakes kits and replacement panels available in great deals.

807, 2016

New BMW SLRspeed race and drift complete and mini angle kits!

By |July 8th, 2016|News|Comments Off on New BMW SLRspeed race and drift complete and mini angle kits!

SLRspeed after years in Formula Drift and other Time attack and circuit events winning races with class records at several courses around the world, start making anlge kits for hoby(thats why we love these guys) came with quality Race and Drift kits for all BMW E30, E36 and E46 in a competitive price. They also made some Mini kits for enthousiasts with lower budget projects and getting almost the same angle as the super kits.

Now in stock for all BMW E36 and E46 chassis, contact us for pricing.


2604, 2016

Cusco Cages in new lower prices!

By |April 26th, 2016|News|Comments Off on Cusco Cages in new lower prices!

For all racers and fans, Energie have located low cost 6 point Cusco Safety 21 cages, weight about 28kg and cost 950 to 1080 euro depending the chassis. Send us a request and we will get back to you with the best offer. All safety 21 Cusco cages, meet the FIA regulations and can be used in any kind of race.

2604, 2016

10% Extra discount in all HKS Products

By |April 26th, 2016|Offer|Comments Off on 10% Extra discount in all HKS Products

From today, you get 10% extra discount in all HKS products. Inform your reps when placing the order.

3003, 2016

Aeroflow products available and 10% OFF until 15th April

By |March 30th, 2016|Offer|Comments Off on Aeroflow products available and 10% OFF until 15th April

Catering for Hot Rods, Drag Racing, Speedway, Street Machines, Sport Compact, Motorcycles and Marine, Aeroflow Performance Products are recognised as one of the leading international manufacturers of high performance automotive plumbing and performance parts. Aeroflow products have been designed and tested in Australia and manufactured to the highest specifications ensuring reliability and effectiveness. Aeroflow products have been used and tested on Drag Cars, Sprint Cars, Hotrods, Street Machines and award winning Elite Show Cars.

Fue pumps, fitting, hose ends, hoses, fuel rails, air filters, oil filters, tanks, turbo blankets, exaust wraps, racing accessories etc.

3003, 2016

Ultra Tech ECU Pro EMS now available!

By |March 30th, 2016|News|Comments Off on Ultra Tech ECU Pro EMS now available!

ULTRATECH PRO EMS is an advanced engine management system for sequential injection and ignition of spark ignition engines, suitable from small 4cyl street machines to drag monsters. Sensor failsafe with ‘check engine light’ functionality. Stable electronics, user-friendly software. Built-in barometric pressure, 4bar MAP, wideband controller, EGT controller and all this at a very affordable price. Can you really ask for more?

Technical details:

6x fuel injector outputs (5A)
6x AUX outputs (5A)
6x ignition outputs -passive or active coils software selectable (7A)
4x stepper motor outputs – bipolar/unipolar (1A)
2x EGT direct inputs (just sensor needed)
2x knock sensor inputs (just sensor needed)
Built-in wideband lambda controller LSU 4.2 (just sensor needed)
Built-in 400KPa (4bar) map sensor. For higher boost applications, you can setup any 0-5v MAP sensor and bypass built-in sensor.
Built-in barometric pressure sensor
4x digital inputs VR/HALL – software selectable
3x dedicated analogue inputs (TPS, CLT, IAT)
4x additional analogue inputs (0-5V)
4x parametric outputs (low side)
Compliance with ISO 7637
Support 1-6 cylinders in full sequential mode or up to 12 cylinders in wasted-spark
Max rpm 16,000
Injection time resolution 16us (0.016msec)
Advanced knock sensing 1-20 kHz
Speed Density, Alpha-N algorithm
Table VE 16×16, resolution 0.1% VE
Ignition table 16×16, resolution 0.5 deg
AFR Target table 16x16m, resolution 0.1 AFR
Injector voltage compensation
Coil dwell calibration
User defined IAT, CLT
PID idle control strategy
PID closed-loop boost control. GEAR/VSS/IAT/EGT correction tables. Wastegate spring pressure plus 2x closed-loop boost pressures with external switches.
Nitrous oxide injection & ignition control
Aux outputs for fuel pumps, radiator fan and various solenoids
Motorsport strategies launch control, gear dependent shift light, flat shift ( gear change cut)
Tacho output
Logging over 100 parameters
Possibility of check engine lamp
USB communication
User friendly software with free firmware upgrade
Advanced technical manual
24 month warranty