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Brand: CTS TURBO Code: CTS-IT-259
The CTS Turbo 8V.2 RS3/8S TTRS 2.5T EVO Turbo Outlet Pipe (TOP) is designed to replace the stock cast ‘pancake’ pipe that comes as factory equipment on your vehicle.  Our Turbo Outlet Pipe features 2.50″ diameter CNC bent aluminum tube for optimized flow.  If you’re looking for a simple bo..
Ex Tax:176.61€
Brand: AEROFLOW Code: AF8050-1040
Boosted Dual V-Band Turbine Housing0.72 compressor ratio ( A.R ) Cast Iron exhaust housing.V-band turbine outlet flange AF8080-1000.V-band turbine inlet flange AF8080-1010.Suits Boosted 4849 & 5449 turbos with a 49mm turbine exducer wheel and with external wastegate:AF8005-2010 / AF8005-2010BLKA..
Ex Tax:268.55€
Brand: AEROFLOW Code: AF8050-1044
Boosted Dual V-Band Turbine Housing0.83 compressor ratio ( A.R ) Cast Iron exhaust housing.V-Band turbine outlet flange AF8080-1000.V-Band turbine inlet flange AF8080-1016Suits Boosted 6262 & 6862 turbos with a 9-Blade 62mm turbine exducer wheelSuits the following Boosted turbos:AF8005-3060/AF80..
Ex Tax:216.13€
Brand: AEROFLOW Code: AF463-39
Aeroflow's universal flexible turbo drains are designed to help you quickly and eaisly plumb up your turbo drain. Featuring -10 female swivel nuts at both ends they are easily mated to our turbo drains and block and sump fittings. Made from 304 stainless steel to protect them from turbo manifold hea..
Ex Tax:119.81€
Brand: CTS TURBO Code: CTS-HW-0513
Large inside diameter for extremely high flow, perfectly matched to the turbocharger inletHigh-density sealing o-ring includedCast aluminum with CNC machined flangesCompatible with any intake system, including stockSimple installation, without any extra parts requiredFaster turbo spool, more airflow..
Ex Tax:90.32€
ProOPR Rising Rate Turbo Oil Pressure Regulator (Twin Outlet)
Availlable in 10 Days
Brand: TURBOSMART Code: TS-0811-1212
Turbosmart ProOPR is a rising rate oil pressure regulator for your turbocharger. The ProOPR is boost referenced, not unlike your fuel pressure regulator and allows lower oil pressure at lower boost pressures and increases oil supply pressure to the bearing system at higher boost levels. This is desi..
Ex Tax:151.88€
FPR Kompact (Bosch) Sleeper
Availlable in 10 Days
Brand: TURBOSMART Code: TS-0404-1005
An All-Black Fuel Regulator Upgrade Series for OE and Mild Upgrades to around 800HP. The FPR Kompact Series includes a Universal (1/8NPT) Inlet and Outlet and Bolt-ON direct replacement for Bosch in-rail style regulators as fitted to the VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) of vehicles and the Ford 'Barra' E..
Ex Tax:144.64€
50.8mm Turbo Mount
Availlable in 10 Days
38.1mm Turbo Mount
Availlable in 10 Days
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