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Brand: MAGNECOR Code: 45213
Spark Plug Wires..
Ex Tax:132.47€
Brand: MAGNECOR Code: 40147
Spark Plug Wire Set 8mm Blue..
Ex Tax:68.34€
Brand: MAGNECOR Code: 45423
8.5mm Wires [Mitsubishi Lancer(2003-2006)]..
Ex Tax:116.94€
8.5mm Wires [Mazda Rx-8(2004-2005)]  RX-8
Availlable in 10 Days
Brand: MAGNECOR Code: 45435
8.5mm Wires [Mazda Rx-8(2004-2005)] RX-8..
Ex Tax:87.77€
Brand: MAGNECOR Code: 45399
8.5mm Wires [Mazda Miata(2001-2005)] MX-5..
Ex Tax:111.26€
8.5mm Wires Mini Cooper(2002-2006)
Availlable in 10 Days
Brand: MAGNECOR Code: 45425
MINI Cooper Magnecor Spark Plug WiresEnsure the spark energy gets to the plug! Better Quality and more efficient than the OEM in every way. Don't starve your MINI of the very thing it needs to make a bang. Magnecor Ignition cables feature Magnecor's exclusive 2.5mm high capacity Metallic Inductance ..
Ex Tax:129.03€
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