We have read many articles and upgrades for the Nissan 350Z VQ35DE and as we have bought this car for drift and circuit races, started to test several of them to see what was true.

1st test Injen Air intake kit (says +7hp to 10hp), couldn’t see a big difference but feeling in low RPM was better for sure.

2nd test was adding with the Injen intake DC sports manifolds (+5hp to 7hp), just almost the same feeling something at high RPM.

3rd test, Injen, DC sports, PowerUp cat-back exhaust system catless 3” single exhaust, was just slithly better.

4th upgrade, we added extra intake manifold BIGGEST spacer from BLOX (claiming 5-10hp), again a bit better.

5th upgrade, NWP throttle body 75mm with convertion harness (claiming +10 to 15hp). Well the feeling was much better in middle RPM.

Calculating all those upgrades we should had a 350Z with at least exta 30hp extra from stock, Nissan claims that this engine making 287hp. Well, we gone to the dyno and we saw only 300hp with all those mods. Of course everything needs a remap to work properly, so had to tune it adding a Link G4+ ECU and yeah, we saw 313hp right away. Of course we realise that Injen was too small, so we remove Injen intake and tried some of our hoses and aluminum pipes to give more air with more speed into the engine. After many tries we found the best pipe length ad size to get as much horsepower and torque we could. Result was that we need more fuel as we saw 333hp but A/F gone to 14.5:1 so we tune the engine safely at 12:1 A/F and we could reach 42.5 torque and 333hp. The big difference tuning the car wasn’t the HP that much but we could see much more torque, making the car to accelerate much faster.

Final step was to fit this perfect air intake into the engine without beeing too low in case of water going into the filter or too much dirt. So we pass a big but tight air filter so it could get enough cold air and to keep it cool, we wrap with our own reflect gold tape the pipe and use a small shield to the radiator.

As you know 350z has a 3.54 final gear and if you want to make it faster without throw the final speed too much or making the car gears too short, you can take our 3.91 final drive to see the car in full potential.

Don’t bother trying to get fake horsepower and torque adding extra parts, get the entire true NA package for 3.000 euro without needing any ECU reflash or other tuning modes. Add safe power keeping stock RPM, fuel efficiency for lifetime.

Kit includes:

-DC sports Headers, Race Y-pipe and Single or Dual tip cat back sytem by NRG

-NWP Throttle body 75mm with NRG custom Air intake with reflect gold or silver tape (radiator shield included)

-Blox Intake manifold spacer

-Siemens Deka 380cc injectors

-Nissan 3.91 ring and pinion

350z NA 333hp